Advice & Tips

Create One Wedding Group

The apps are connected, so it does not matter which app you use.

Include your Fiancé

Planning begins with you two. Keep wedding convos, ideas, lists & events separate from the day to day stuff.

Invite The Entire #IDOCREW

Introduce everyone involved and make sure nothing is missed.

Setup Chats for Every Topic

Keep ir simple so the details aren't missed & avoid constantly scrolling through one big group chat.

Keep Track of Your Ideas & To-Dos

Note your vows, first dance song options, centerpiece ideas, etc. Keep these to yourself or share them.

Schedule the Important Events

Make sure everyone knows when & where they need to be for all wedding related events

Collaborate on Ideas

From the engagement to the wedding & everything in between.

Discover & Explore Local Vendors

Discover & connect to find the perfect vendors. Easily share listings within chats for feedback!

Enjoy Wedding Planning

An event this special deserves a dedicated space. Happy Planning!

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