About Engaged Inc.

Engaged Inc. is a technology company with a passion for innovation founded by newlyweds Mark and Vanessa Sharma.

“I came up with the idea for The Groomsmen App when I was trying to coordinate groomsmen suit fittings for my upcoming June wedding. Being a tech savvy guy, I searched the AppStore for an application that would allow me to message all my groomsmen and keep all wedding related conversations under one roof. Unable to find what I was looking for, I sat down and started to create it. “ – Mark

“When Mark first told me about his idea for The Groomsmen App – I instantly wanted a version for myself! At the time, I was not only planning my own wedding, but was also in the midst of Maid of Honour duties for my cousin’s wedding… I knew that The Bridesmaids App was the answer to my prayers!” – Vanessa

Engaged Inc. has developed two unique mobile applications, The Bridesmaids App and The Groomsmen App, a communication platform which streamlines communication between brides and grooms and their bridal party during the wedding planning.